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My name is Debbi, 

I am Kendra's mother.  She has told me a bunch about the discussions going on in both her lists and the no authority message boards and I just wanted to offer up some of my own opinions, and let you know how much you impact my daughters life.  In the beginning of my daughters career,  it affected us more than anyone could have imagined, unless of course your the mother of a porn star reading this.  When the press came after my 2 little girls following them into their school and taking their pics I thought "how could she do this to us the people she says she cares for the most".  Watching my 2 daughters hide their face so they wouldn't be recognized, watching tears stream down their face as they saw pics of her thrown across the tabloids, they wondered if people knew she was their sister.  They kept asking what should they say if someone asked.  We went through our own different hells for about a month.  I did interviews with different "shows" and talked about my feelings, 
none of which ever truly showed how I felt..  I mean after all how would you feel? I sat down with the my youngest 2 girls ( kendras's sisters) and had a discussion with them about what their sister did for a living.  
Told them how i felt (i mean we all have dreams about what are kids should do), asked them what they felt and what they thought? They love their sister regardless of what she does or what people say and we all agreed that we didn't want to lose her or not have her in our lives.  We are her family and we accept her for the person that she is at home, not what many of you , hear , read or see.  I have learned that no matter what anyone does (even my kids) it is not up to me or you to judge them.  It is not about what is written or what anyone believes in.  I just want for my kids to do what makes them happy and to know that NOT everything lasts forever.  I would say that I have learned from her experience that a parent has dreams for their children but it is not up to us what our kids do.  Now when she goes on trips we go down to be with her.  She supports her sisters , buys them school clothes and had ensured a good education for them so they will NEVER have to do the things she has had to.  I have always been a single mom.  There were times when I worked three jobs to support my family and regardless of what anyone thinks, I DID instill good values into my children, Kendra included, and there are also benefits to what she has done.  My youngest girls have gotten to meet all their "idols" and other various celebrities (although I have never met Chris Robinson LOL hint hint).  MY daughter is my best friend now and we talk about everything and nothing.  The girls call her home camp la.  They miss her and realize that the are most happy with her in their life.  She never misses a beat when it comes to calling them or e-mailing them everyday. They are now closer than they ever were before, and it is not always that way with older children and younger ones.  She is like a second Mom to them.. She couldn't be a better person to them then she already is. Our only regret is that we do not see her enough.  I hope this sheds some light on the true person my daughter is, and thank you everyone for supporting my daughter.  You are indeed very good friends to her.

love her MOM